The Different Types of Loft Conversions London

loftThere’re many options to choose from a loft conversions in London and quite a lot of these type of lofts are very demanding. Since they utilise unused room of your property’s attics and make a benefit out of it by changing it into a useful room such as a spare room, play room or storage space. .

However, in order to install a loft conversion, a complicated procedure is followed due to the huge amount of work needed and the difficulty in identifying the type of loft conversion that matches. When a loft conversion in London is designed, you’ll have to think about the different roof shapes and types such as arched, domed, flat, steeply pitched, single flat sheet, hips, gables or truncated so as to minimize the overall height.

– Mansard Loft Conversion

They’re usually located at the back of the home and have a flat type of roof with the rear wall leaning inwards at a 72 degrees angle while the windows are housed within little dormers. Also, the steep slope might be curved. The huge advantage of Mansard loft conversions is maximizing on the loft space and being able to use the entire roof space.

This choice is preferred in sensitive areas and where the initial framework of the property is the only available option so as to maintain the property’s nature. A flat room mansard-style is preferred by many homeowners because it’s the most cost effective.

– Dormer Loft Conversion

This is the favorite option for homeowners that wish to create extra space in the house. The dormer loft conversion is constructed vertically above an already existing slanting roof and needs relatively easy building works. With a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls, the extension offers both headroom and additional floor space, with natural light coming from the dormer windows.

type of lofts
– Hipped Roof Loft Conversion

For the hipped type of roof, a hip end is the slanting end to a roof while a gable is the triangular part of a wall which is located between two slanting roofs. With this in mind, there’s a variety of hipped roof types of loft conversion such as hip to gable loft conversion, hip or hipped loft conversion, half-hipped loft conversion, dutch gable loft conversion and cross hipped loft conversion.

The most popular type of hipped roof loft conversion in London is the hip to gable loft conversion that provides you with a much bigger living space in the loft area.

– Velux Loft Conversion

Velux loft conversion is among the most cost effective methods to transform your loft. It deals with constructing a roof with slanting windows pointing to the sky and leaving the initial roof structure untouched. Hence, permission for planning is not usually needed. Also, no large changes are required to be made to the roof.

A recap of popular Lofts:

  • Velux
  • Hipped Roof
  • Dormer
  • Mansard

If you’re thinking of a Loft conversion in London, then you’ll need to understand the various types of loft conversions. For installation, a team of experts would be helpful.


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